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Are you looking for the next-level ticket-selling solution at a fraction of the costs? Our robust ticket platform with advanced payment options and more than eight different languages is the perfect ticket solution for your upcoming concert, event or music festival. Choose from self-service or managed ticketing, then start selling and beep & scan at the door.


Focus on your business while we facilitate you with a powerful ticket solution for your online and box-office sales. Add promotions or bundle tickets. Set up affiliates or resellers. Sell season cards or add accommodations, food, drinks or voucher promotions to the ticket. Time slot ticket sales help you to manage the door traffic or peak times.


TixTaQ is a lightning-fast ticket selling solution which offers real-time seat selling, branded tickets and QR code distribution to prevent fraud. Let your ticket buyers enjoy the digital card, counter and wallet payment options as well as over the counter at banks and retail choices. Sell thousands of tickets in real-time tickets with a seamless user experience.


Do you plan to sell tickets for your upcoming event? We got you covered.

B-Concept provides; besides a lightning-fast ticket platform used to sell your tickets. Choose from self-service ticketing where you are in control or let us manage your ticket sales. As a full-service agency, we support promoters and venue owners with end-to-end marketing services. We have integrated our platform with all the latest technologies and provide a clean modern-look dashboard for real-time analytics and insights. 


Leave your business's footprint 100% on your product selling tickets directly from your website. Promote your tickets across affiliates and resellers or via owned and partner channels.

Seating Maps

Our Seating Maps are hyper UX-friendly with advanced colour-coding, seat categorization & stage pointer for a perfect overview even for the biggest arenas.

Marketing Automation

Enable marketing automation for your ticket sales while remaining your footprint. Purchase any other marketing or media spend. With Google Tag Manager, you can monitor your overall performance.


Package your tickets and upsell additional items, accommodations, food and drinks, coupons or special discounts has never been easier and push your revenue upfront.

Season Cards

Sell tickets across multiple events or seasons and enable customer success across seasons. With the seasons' subscriptions, you can grant customers access to events series all year round.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

Our platform is multi-language translated in most prominent languages and multi-currency and allowing you to accept ticket payments in different revenues.

Mobile and paperless tickets

We distribute with lightning speed tickets through e-ticket and mobile ticket to reduce any unnecessary paper waste to be scanned at the door by yourself or our teams.

Group sales

Allocate group sales efficiently with sales conditions for a specific period predefined. Distribute special packages through different online channels around the world.

Block Chain and AI Technology

Implementing future developments is crucial. We keep a close eye on new developments such as blockchain and AI technology as well as other developments in the ticketing market.

Branded Ticket Shops

Set up unique ticket shops for your sponsors and partners with predefined ticket conditions for partners to increase your potential chances for sales.

Track and Trace

Sell tickets from any venue and increase the success of affiliate sales. You can track and trace the success of each sales channel and evaluate your affiliates/resellers to keep improving your channels.

Custom barcodes and Access Control

Flexible import and export of your own or third-party barcodes. Manage the total crowd flow over multiple access points without headaches and fearless.

Timed Admission

We are prepared for post-COVID ticket-selling. Set up your capacity blocks by start time. Scan tickets during a set time entry window.

Box Office & Kiosk

An all-inclusive ticket-selling solution that makes it easy to sell tickets through box office and tablets.

Promotions & Discounts

Apply any discounts, promotion codes, external codes, upsell items, add-ons, coupons, ticket type relations within minutes.

Distributions & Resellers

Sell tickets in Thailand through the set up of signature shops with each shop specific conditions such as delivery & payment methods and release times.

Venue Partners

Select the use of a venue for your event, including address details, important information and seat maps.

Integrated Buying Experience

Offer ticket buyers the most user-friendly purchase experience available in the market today.

Flexible Pricing Fees

You can use rule-based external, hidden & internal fees including maximum & minimum limits and multiple ticket selling levels.

Maximize Your Revenues

The system offers a complete insight into sales performance. Generate sales, attendee, geo & scan reports maximising your ROI.

Multi-Channel Payment

Offer ticket buyers the best payment choice for card and counter payment in Thailand. Pay via Card, ATM, Over the Counter at major supermarkets or pay through wallets.


We offer different ticket solutions for venue owners and event organizers. Our ticket system will hand you the tools for successful Thailand ticket sales.


Use our ticket features for your venue or event ticket sales. Set up your event and other relevant information in the powerful ticket system and manage the ticket sales yourself from beginning to end.

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You can outsource your ticket sales, and we manage the entire process for you from the start until finish. We handle your account while you watch over our shoulders directly from your dashboard. Our onsite staff can scan and beep your tickets at the door.

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