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Server Speed

Upscaling Server Speed during Peak times to avoid downtime with the option to host across different timezones.

Buying Experience

The best user experience for the web and mobile ticket delivered online and mobile.

Back-Office Reporting

Online and mobile ticket reporting through an advanced back-office system gives you 24/7 access to results.

Measure and Monetize

Complete sales, attendee, geo & scan reports are maximizing your ROI — an all-in-one environment for ticket sales through box-office & tablet.

Sell Tickets Simple

With our powerful ticketing technology, we facilitate organizers, parks, promoters and venues with smart solutions to sell more tickets.

  • Non-Paid Events
  • THB. 10 Ticket
    • Register Account
    • Manage Tickets
    • No Booking Fees
    • No Payment Fees
    • No Scan and Beep
    • Limited Support
    • Upgrade
  • Register
  • Self Service
  • THB. 30 Ticket
    • Register Account
    • Manage Tickets
    • Booking Fee / Ticket
    • Payment Fee / Ticket
    • Scan and Beep
    • Private Dashboard
    • Full Assistance
  • Register
  • Managed Events
  • THB. Request Ticket
    • Set up Account & Manage Tickets
    • Charge Set up Fees
    • Booking Fee / Ticket
    • Transaction Fee / Ticket
    • Onsite Staff
    • Scan and Beep
    • Full Support
  • Register
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Complete Transparency & Insight

TixTaQ Sell and Buy Tickets empowers registration and ticket across online, POS or box office to bundle the success of your ticket sales. We offer additionally digital marketing and media buying and provide complete fee transparency and insight for the data captured during the sales process. Our systems follow GDPR and Privacy standards.

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